John Ellison

John Ellison

I'm a designer and entrepreneur on a mission to help people live more healthy, happy and meaningful lives.

🌊 Happy Habits #13: Find Your Flow

In the attempt to answer the question of "What constitutes a good life?" researchers have discovered a concept called "flow"—where happier people seem to have more experiences where they are fully immersed in the present moment.

⏯️ Happy Habit #12: Interrupt Your Consumption

The 'hedonic treadmill' describes a phenomena where we experience declining satisfaction over time. One way to subvert this downhill treadmill is to do something counterintuitive: Take a break.

😴 Happy Habit #11: Sleep 7-8 Hours Per Night

Sleeping 7-8 hours a night makes you happier, improves cognitive performance and increases your capacity for insight threefold. Here are some behavior tips for improving sleep hygiene...

😞 Unhappy Habit #2: 💸 Fixate on Money

Fixating on financial success has negative consequences for various aspects of psychological well-being. I share a behavior hack that subverts the media's myth that money makes us happy...

🗣 Happy Habit #10: Speak to Yourself Like a Friend

During times of crisis, one of the most effective coping mechanisms is to create what is called 'self-distance'. One of the many ways to create self-distance is to speak to yourself like you would a friend: using third-person pronouns and kind, supportive language.

🍂 Happy Habit #8: Forest Bathing (Shirin Yoku)

Spending just 30 minutes walking in nature has been shown to be a powerful way to relax and reduce negative emotions. Forest bathing is a technique coined in Japan to that describes...

🌬 Happy Habit #7: Three-Minute Breathing Space

Most of our suffering comes from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. By taking three minutes to breathe and focus our attention on our current experience, we gift ourselves the peace found in the present moment.

☕️ Happy Habit #6: Buy a Coffee for a Stranger

The research shows that small behaviors like buying a coffee for someone you don't know can provide a significant happiness boost. This works by releasing several chemicals in your brain.

✍🏻 Happy Habit #5: Write a Letter to Forgive

Forgiveness is one of the key skills to build lasting happiness in light of emotional pain and rejection. If you feel pain by remembering someone who has hurt you, chances are you can get a lasting happiness boost by going through the process of forgiveness.

🤔 Happy Habit #2: Three Good Things

A 2002 study with a group of severely depressed people showed that just two weeks of recalling three good things at the end of every day lastingly increased happiness and decreased depressive symptoms

😞 Unhappy Habit #1:📱Compare Yourself to Others

As with all change, sometimes stopping a bad habit can be just as effective as picking up a good one. So here it goes for this week: Stop comparing yourself to other people (on social media and in life in general).