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The science is clear.
What people believe about happiness is usually wrong.

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Even if you know what to do, turning insights into lasting change can be frustrating and hard!

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We are distilling the best insights from positive psychology and behavior science into a series of products.



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A physical deck of cards

A 52-card deck containing science-backed behaviors, research concepts, habit hacks and more… launching on Kickstarter soon!

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Simple & fun app

Discover new behaviors, setup reminders, work with coaches and connect with the community. Prototype in progress!

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Featuring brilliant work from some seriously happy folk!

Dr. Lauri Santos headshot

Lauri Santos, PhD

Yale University

Dr. Ethan Kross headshot

Ethan Kross, PhD

University of Michigan

Dr. Sonja Lyumborsky headshot

Sonja Lyumborsky, PhD

University of California

Dr. William Irvine headshot

William Irvine, PhD

Wright State University

Dr. Sarah Algoe headshot

Sarah Algoe, PhD

University of North Caroline


We want to collaborate with YOU to make Happy Habits fun, easy and effective.

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What if you had a dial in your mind that you could use to turn up your happiness by 20%?

Psst... you do!
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